Meet our Power Yoga teacher.


Stephanie Fasulo is a yogi student at heart as much as she is a teacher. Her practice has evolved so much over the last 5 years; and now she leads great and powerful classes. She hopes to give back what yoga has done for her in every class she leads.

In 2014, Steph completed her Power Yoga certification and then completed her Assisting Training, so her classes are always a treat when you want some hands-on guidance.

Her intention for each class is to give students what they need. Allowing space to try something new, open up to possibility, and have fun.

Home-based in Mississauga, Steph loves teaching corporate and group classes as well, and when she’s not teaching she’s either cooking, making restorative jewellery or reading. Her favourite quote right now is: “The breaking of so great a thing should make for a greater crack” – W. Shakespeare.

Stephanie’s Upcoming Classes