Meet our Power Yoga teacher.


I started practicing yoga about two years ago. I went with a girlfriend to a hot power yoga class and was instantly hooked. It was like no other workout I had ever experienced. I left class feeling so inspired I began practicing every day, sometimes twice a day.

Yoga builds a connection between the body, mind and soul which provides balance and peace in my life. The physical benefits of yoga go hand in hand with the mental benefits. Yoga has changed my perception on life. I am a much happier person and my temperament has improved tremendously.

When I found out about the 200 hr teacher training being offered at Yoga on Seven, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I am an Ontario certified secondary teacher, so being a teacher is part of my identity; part of who I am. Teaching and yoga? Two of my favourite things combined!

I am so excited to start my yoga teaching career and share my passion of yoga with others.

See you on your mat! Namaste.

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